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What is the shape of your face ?What is the shape of your face ?

For your convenience, we will explain the characteristics of each type of person , so that everyone can easily identify which belongs to them.

By fashion consultants have seven basic face shapes - diamond, heart, turned the heart , oval, full , square or rectangular . Each of them has its own characteristics , advantages and disadvantages.

Your hair after the winter.Your hair after the winter.

After a long and cold winter months , your hair is completely damaged. So , in order to restore their good shape , it should deserved care. The first step is to nourish weakened hair " inside." Special complexes of vitamins for hair and nails are sold in pharmacies , and they usually include vitamins A, B1 and B12 , helping to grow hair fast and vitamin E, which heal and prevent seborrhea

Male Hair Loss Diagnosis

Typical male pattern baldness is usually diagnosed based on the appearance and pattern of hair loss , as well as a detailed medical history , including questions about the prevalence of hair loss in your family.

Wedding HairstylesWedding Hairstyles

Wedding Hair Style

Hairstyle is one of the main components of a bride's overall look on her big day. Choosing the right style for a wedding day is a tough job. Whether you are looking for a wedding hairstyle for short or long or medium, planning beforehand can help you to choose the right hairstyle.

Pubic Hairstyles

As the popularity and awareness of clothing-free recreation increases in the United States, many nudists, and non-nudists as well, are paying a lot more mind to grooming their pubic hair.

Lightening hair with lemonLightening hair with lemon

In every store or cosmetic department specialized selection of chemical dyes and bleaching compositions today is very wide . Despite this , many women still prefer natural remedies : lemon , chamomile , etc. They have a hair more gentle effect , although the effect of the application of the " grandmother's recipes " are not as pronounced ....

Hairstyles that make you harmonous
Almost every girl at least once in life was unhappy with her weight. Undoubtedly, the most effective way of dealing with it are exercise and eating right , but what if you want to look slimmer right now and without much effort ?

Hair care during pregnancyHair care during pregnancy.

For doctors generally known is the fact that as a result of hormonal changes the woman's body changes during pregnancy skin, hair and nails. Now for them requires special care. What you need to know the expectant mother to prevent potential problems and look good?

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