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Work: Banging Curls

For a professional but chic style, try large curls and wispy rocker bangs, like actress Kerry Washington. To perfect this look “simply curl big sections of your hair using a large barrel curling tong,” says our expert, Omar Lopez, artistic director of Sultra. “This helps keep it carefree, not overly styled, and easy to achieve. Perfect for the office!"

Work: Sleek Half-Up, Half-Down 'Do

Wear your locks like Beyoncй to look both serious and stylish. First, carefully flat iron one-inch sections of your hair; part horizontally from ear to ear; gather the top section and secure with an elastic band; twirl it onto itself until you create a sleek chignon bun. "This style is great for hair on its second or third day between shampooing,” says Lopez.

Work: Wispy Bun

We don't all get paid to model, but that doesn't mean we can't show off our style at the office. Take a cue from Chanel Iman and go for this chic bun. Pull your hair back into a low ponytail and twist it around until you have a rolled shape. Twirl it into a chignon bun, secure with a few bobby pins, and you’re done. "To play up this look try changing the position of the bun," suggests Lopez. "Keep it low, but perhaps off to the right or left, making the look more personal and playful."

Concert: Neon Strands

If you're as daring as Nicki Minaj, add a bright color (maybe neon?) to your hair when taking in some tunes. We suggest letting the professionals do it, but if that's outside of your budget or you aren't quite ready to go permanent, try a colored hair mascara like this one from Sultra. Start with clean, dry hair and apply mascara from the ends to the roots, section by section, to ensure even coverage.

Brunch: Something Fishy

When you're heading out on a Sunday afternoon, rock a glamorous fishtail braid а la actress Gabrielle Union. "While it looks complicated, it is perhaps the easiest braid to create as it only takes dividing the hair Into two sections rather than three,” says Lopez. Follow these handy instructions to get it just right.

Brunch: Natural Woman

Weekend mornings are for relaxing, so there is no need to spend hours meticulously getting ready. It only takes a few minutes to get this gorgeous actress's adorable, low-maintenance curls. Start with a clean, dry head of hair, part it down the center, then simply curl it using small sections and a small curling tong.

Summer Wedding: Face Time

Kelly Rowland's modern look is a fab choice for warm weather nuptials. Not only will it show off your pretty face while keeping your hair off it on a hot day (or night of dancing!), but its center part gives the normally subdued half-up, half-down style some extra edge. To get the look, part your hair and curl little sections with a small curling tong. "This will add loads of volume and create that awesome bounce that makes her look so chic,” says Lopez.

Summer Wedding: Stay Classy

That's so Raven…and so sleek! Actress-singer Raven Symonй looks simply stunning with her elegant bun and side-swept bangs. To get her look apply mousse and give your hair a tease. Then flip your head upside-down and gather it in your hands and scoop it into a ponytail. Pull the hair halfway through the elastic to create a loop and allow some of the strands to fall through. Finally, tug on the center of the loop to give it a U-shape.

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