It’s fall…the weather is getting colder, the days are getting shorter, and if you try out any of the styles in this article, your hair is getting more fabulous! Your long, luscious locks can still be the perfect addition to any fall outfit or the cherry on top of your gorgeous, fall-toned makeup. Take a peek at how to make your hair the “mane attraction” this season with one of these stunning long hairstyles!

Tight Curled Cutie

Since you have extra long hair, you can afford to make those curls a little tighter without looking like Shirley Temple! The girl in this photo may have naturally curly hair, but you can create this look in a few easy steps.

Best Face Shape and Hair Type: This style is awesome for those with a slender face because your long, curly hair will add plenty of fullness around your features. Any hair texture will work well for this look, but keep in mind that thick, coarse hair will expand more and look fuller than fine hair will.

How To make:

- Begin with dry hair. Separate your hair into four large sections, and then begin curling 1 to 1Ѕ-inch sections of hair with a 1-inch curling iron.
- Once all sections are curled, gently separate the curls with your hands or a brush if you want a loser curled look.
- Spray everything with a light finishing spray.

If you already have wavy hair, grab some mousse or curl enhancing cream and add that to your hair when it’s wet. Working with your natural curl and texture is a great option as well!

Middle Part Maiden

Long hair separated by a middle part is a stunning look that can really be complemented by a great haircut with just the right amount of layering.

Best Face Shape and Hair Type: Any hair texture and type will work great for this look! If you want to elongate a round face, a middle part is a great option for you.

How To make:

- Begin by parting hair down the middle using a regular, or a rat tail comb.
- Using a large curling iron (1 and Ѕ inch), take very large sections and begin adding lose waves to your hair.
- Finish with a shine spray or serum to reduce frizz and create luster.

Turned In Temptress

Long, wavy hair that’s curled in towards your face can really put the spotlight on a great date night makeup look or can be a great complement to beautiful face framing highlights!

Best Face Shape and Hair Type: This look is awesome for those who have a round face and want to soften harsh or sharp features. Any type of hair will work well for this look!

How To make:

- Starting with dry hair parted to the side that you desire, begin taking approximately 1Ѕ-inch sections and curl them TOWARDS your face using a 1ј-inch curling iron.
- When all of your hair is curled, gently comb through your curls using either your hands or a paddle brush.
- Finish with a light hold hairspray.

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