Pubic Hairstyles

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As the popularity and awareness of clothing-free recreation increases in the United States, many nudists, and non-nudists as well, are paying a lot more mind to grooming their pubic hair.

Your pubic hair, also known as your box hair, private hair, personal hair, intimate hair, the hair down there hair, is thought to retain sexual secretions that are called pheromones. When you sweat your body gives off more pheromones and those secretions are retained in the pubic hair regions. The hair is also considered a natural lubricant by some as it may protect sensitive skin areas from irritation during times of friction or skin rubbing.

When women take to the task of tending to their pubic hairs, it is sometimes referred to as landscaping, doing the lawn, gardening in Virginia, or tending to the Betty. With men, it is typically known as manscaping, weed whacking, or for the financial guys, managing a hedge fund.

There are no social standards or fashion rules that dictate how long or wild your genital hair zone can be, however, if the size of your bush is bigger than a watermelon, you might want to consider trimming it if you plan on going to a clothing optional beach or resort. Also, if you are in the market for a bed buddy or someone new to be intimate with, the way your package is presented can be an indicator of how attentive to detail you may be in those times of close proximities.

Today, more people than ever are doing some sort of landscaping or manscaping on their pubic hair. A visit to a clothing optional beach or resort will quickly convince you of that.

The reasons why people are spending more time on their pubes vary, but they may include some of the following:

Fashion - Acquiring a distinct pubic hair style to externalize your inner energy and create a more appealing or individualized appearance
Health - less hair or no hair promotes a state of health by allowing more oxygen to circulate over the genital area, thereby invigorating the skin cells and allowing your package more breathing room. Your package will be less sweaty and smelly.
Hygiene - by removing or reducing excessively thick or densely packed pubic hair you create an environment that becomes less inviting for bacteria and all sorts of negative things that like dark and danky places.
Visibility - by clearing or trimming the hairy clutter down there you can now see where everything is, what everything looks like, and you can quickly check and see if there are any new developments or surprises
Going Green - you can achieve a perceived, if not actual, improved state of cleanliness by reducing the amount of excess and needless hair which will then make the washing of one’s jewels easier and faster. It's also environmentally friendly.
Less hair = less shampoo = less water = Savings!
Pizzazz - bringing in some new looks to revitalize your downtown area and jazzing things up to make yourself more desirable to partner or a potential partner.
Feel Good Factor - along with feeling lighter and airier, the feeling of smooth skin can delight both you and your partner. A clean shaven labia is soft and silky to the touch, as is a cleanly shaven scrotum, which can make holding the nuts an inviting and delightful experience

It all starts with you and what you like, what makes you feel good, and what you would like to accomplish.
How much hair do you want, or don’t want? Will you be nude in a social setting such as a beach or resort?
Is it a partner that you seek to please with a new look?

If you have an untrimmed bush, decide whether you want to keep it as is, trim it, style it, or get rid of the whole thing.

If you just want to trim it, use a pair of scissors and a comb. Comb your hair upward to the length you desire, and then slowly and carefully cut the hair along the topside of the comb. This is an easy and safe procedure to do as long as you always keep the comb between your skin and the scissors. Never rush or get impatient as your jewels are at stake here.

If you want to style your hair, you certainly can do it yourself, but you may want to try the services of a PhD (pubic hair designer). With a PhD, you can relax and let them do the work. There are stencils available that you can use, or you can try to do your design freehand and if the finished artwork doesn't come out as planned, nobody will know about it but you. Unless, of course, you're attending a social nude event.

Bikini Hair Removal Techniques

If you want to get rid of the whole thing and be a smoothie, there are several methods you can choose from:

Shaving using a razor blade

Before shaving and while your hair is still dry, cut as much of your hair as possible using scissors and a comb. This will make the shaving process a lot quicker and easier, and will also help prevent your razor from getting clogged up with the longer hair.
You could soak in a hot bath, but doing it at the end of a hot shower is better for this purpose. Let the hot water soften up your hair and skin and then use a shampoo or hair conditioner to further soften your hairs. You can also use a shaving lotion, cream, or gel if you like. It's important to keep the area to be shaved wet or well lubricated during this process.
You will want to use a new, sharp razor for this job. Begin by shaving your hair with the grain, or in the direction the hairs are pointing to. After each stroke or pass hold the razor under the shower water to rinse it clear, or if you're in a bath, swish the razor in the water a couple of times to clear it.
After the initial strokes in the direction of the grain of the hair, if you don't have any issues with ingrown hairs or shaving irritation, you can then shave in the opposite direction, against the grain, in order to achieve a closer and smoother shave.
When shaving in the shower, lift your leg and rest your foot where possible to access the harder to get at areas. Use the fingers of your free hand to stretch the skin for a flatter shaving surface, this is especially useful for men when shaving their balls.
Women should take extra care to avoid using the razor on the inner labia. Men who may have some stray hairs on their penis should use their free hand to grab the penis by the head and stretch it away from the body so they can run the razor up and down and around the penis.
When you are done, use an exfoliation sponge, if you have one, to remove any dead skin cells. If this is your first time shaving your pubic hair you may experience some itching afterward. If you do, it will only be for a short while, but after you shave a couple of times the itching will no longer bother you. You can also apply a moisturizer if you like such as aloe vera lotion or baby oil. Some people rub a little olive oil on their box which works very well, but the problem with olive oil is your lover may think you're a salad and begin to garnish you before starting to nibble on you.

Shaving using an electric razor:

As with a manual razor, cut as much of the hair as possible using a scissors and comb to speed up the process and reduce the chances of hair clogging the cutting blades.
Make certain you use a shaver that is appropriate for this type of work. You don't want a shaver that pulls your hair or bites your skin.
Shavers are more convenient and safer to use than razors, but they may not give you as close of a shave that a razor can. You can always use a razor afterward to get rid of any stubble.

Waxing is an effective way of removing your pubic hair but the procedure can be a bit painful. Women who have had waxing done in the past know what to expect, but for men a good sense of humor is helpful each time the hair is yanked. You can buy a waxing kit and do the entire process yourself in the privacy of your home, but it wouldn't be a bad idea to have a waxing professional do the job. Waxing results can last from four to six weeks.

Depilatories are chemical hair removal creams or lotions that dissolve hair. Familiar name brands you may have heard of include Nair, Neet, Magic Shave, Veet, and Sally Hansen Hair Remover. Unlike the other hair removal methods which involve time, expense, and pain, depilatories are relatively inexpensive, easy to use, painless, and fast (the hair can dissolve in just a few minutes). The concerns people have with depilatories are the chemical ingredients which can cause skin irritations and allergic reactions. They are also messy to use and have unpleasant odors. The hair is not always evenly dissolved and what is dissolved can begin to return in just a few days.

This method of hair removal can last for up to a month and unlike shaving, there's no risk of ingrown hairs. Threading is healthier for the skin than waxing and it can work well for those people with skin that is too sensitive for laser hair removal or waxing. The pain level is high, though not as much as waxing. Threading is a procedure that has to be done by a professional.

Pulses of high-energy light are emitted from a hand held device and the heat from the light of the laser is absorbed by the pigment, or melanin, in the hair. That heat then triggers inflammation in the hair follicle, which causes the follicle to go into its resting (telogen) phase. While resting, the follicle produces no hair. One can expect hair to fall out from the treated area within two weeks from the session. This procedure requires multiple sessions because the hair has to be treated while in its growth stage, and not all of your hair is in that stage at the same time. The average time for a session is about a half hour and the total number of sessions needed could range from as little as 3 to over 7 spaced out over a 1 to 2 month period. Laser works best for people with light skin and dark hair. The downside, other than the cost of the procedure, is the possibility that scarring, blisters and burns can occur.

This type of hair removal is considered a permanent solution when done properly although it is not guaranteed 100%. An electrode is inserted into each hair follicle and an electric current is applied to destroy the hair root. This procedure also requires multiple sessions because the hair has to be treated while in its growth stage, and not all of your hair is in that stage at the same time. The average time for a session is about a half hour and the total number of sessions needed could range from as little as 10 to well over 20. The downside, other than the cost of the procedure, is the possibility that the skin could get discolored.

Plucking pulls the hair follicle by the root and is the most economical of all the hair removal methods. It works well for those with time, patience, and a mild tolerance for pain. The only equipment needed is a pair of tweezers, an optional mirror, and good depth perception. Plucking is effective for 1 to 2 months and the good news is that over time, the process of plucking will eventually damage the follicle to the point where it stops growing hair.

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