For doctors generally known is the fact that as a result of hormonal changes the woman's body changes during pregnancy skin, hair and nails. Now for them requires special care. What you need to know the expectant mother to prevent potential problems and look good?

What happens to your hair? The structure of hair and their appearance during pregnancy vary : they are actively growing , straight hair can start to curl and vice versa , fat can become even fatter , and dry becoming drier . Nevertheless hair hardly falls , which leads to that the hair becomes dense and bushy . This is caused by the female hormones - estrogen , their number increases slightly during pregnancy , which is why increasing the lifetime of the hair. But after childbirth estrogen level decreases to normal and life returns to the original hair . So do not be surprised if after 2 - 3 months  hair will begin to fall . It is unpleasant , but not threatening. Usually it quickly returns to normal, and the same number of hair restored.

That is because the structure of the hair during pregnancy varies, it is not recommended to paint discolor hair and do a perm . The fact that the protective sheath of hair consists of waste products of the sebaceous glands (sebum ) , horny scales and sweat. During pregnancy, under the influence of hormonal shifts change the function of the sebaceous and sweat glands , and the exfoliation process squamous cell occurs somewhat differently. Therefore, the effect of staining or permed can be unpredictable .

On the other hand, in this period increases the risk of allergy by using different dyes , hair coloring and dye ingredients received through the scalp blood. Risk of hair coloring during pregnancy is that we do not know the exact composition of the dyes contained in them active ingredients and their possible impact on the development of the fetus. Therefore, the safest thing is not to dye your hair during pregnancy, or , in extreme cases , do it with natural dyes , such as decoction of chamomile , oak bark , ash wormwood , henna , basma ( making sure there is no allergic reaction to them ) , in the extreme case - ottenochnymi coloring and balms . Need to pay special attention to the fact that the composition of these funds do not contain ammonia and hydrogen peroxide , which is contraindicated in contact with during pregnancy , as their allergenic potential is particularly high.

Perm also be postponed . First, on the medium irons ingredients harmful to the body of the pregnant woman and the fetus , and secondly, because the structure of the hair changes , the result of a chemical wave can be clearly different from what is usually calculated .

In order to prevent possible problems with hair loss during pregnancy, the following tips depending on what type of hair - dry or greasy - you got . In any case, hair care consists of several stages : combing supply and mitigation , washing, massage.

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