SHAVING: The most commonly used method is shaving. Here a razor is used to snip off unwanted hair from the surface of the armpit. This is a convenient way of underarm hair removal. Many people choose this method as it can be done at home and offers convenience. Various kinds of razors are available on the market for shaving. Despite being an effective method, it provides only short-term results.

TWEEZING: Plucking is another form of technique. Here, tweezers are used to remove unwanted hair from the armpit. This method might be slightly risky as the underarm is a very sensitive area and the use of tweezers might leave it with itchy or burning skin. Further, this method is very time-consuming.

HAIR REMOVAL CREAMS: Another method that is commonly being followed for underarm hair removal is use of a hair removal cream. This may leave the skin with a clean and smooth finish. The process can be followed up with the application of a hair retardant that may slow down the process of hair re-growth.

DEPILATORIES: Some people use depilatories for underarm hair removing. These are chemicals that are designed to dissolve unwanted hair. Depilatories are available in the form of gel, cream, sprays or liquid. The depilatory is directly applied on the hair and after few minutes they are wiped off. This kind of hair removal technique is fast. However, this method often causes varying degrees of skin irritation.

WAXING: A very popular method of underarm hair removalis waxing. Here warm wax is spread over the area and after it cools down, the wax is pulled off which brings out unwanted hair. It is effective for the short-term but can also be quite painful.

ELECTROLYSIS: Electrolysis hair removal is a permanent method of underarm hair removing. However, repeated treatments are usually needed to provide the desired results thereby increasing the cost of this treatment. In this method of underarm hair removal, electric current is forwarded to the hair follicle to destroy the root and ensure no further hair growth occurs. This method should only be done under expert care and supervision.

LASER HAIR REMOVAL: In this method, light beams are used to destroy the hair follicle. This laser pulse’s energy is absorbed by the hair and effectively curbs further hair growth. This is a fast and convenient method with proven, long-term effects.
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