Bikini Hair Removal Techniques


Many women want to know the best bikini hair removal techniques to feel sexier south of the border. But there is no one right answer for everyone - each of us has unique needs, tastes and, yes, styles. The answer is that it depends on how much nuisance you are ready to face, how much (if any) money you want to invest, how painful a procedure you think you can endure and then (for the fun part), what will make you feel the most erotic - alone and with a partner. Hair removal varies in cost, intensity, upkeep and how it makes you look and feel. Whether you want to get rid of hair just at the bikini line or go for the full monty, here are the basic options.

Creams and Depilatories.

Remove hair from the bikini line by spreading on a thick layer of cream and waiting for 5-10 minutes. The cream makes the hair soft and easy to wipe away.

Just as with shaving, this is a technique that is inexpensive that you can do yourself at home. Plus, you can be more aggressive about where you apply the cream because there is no risk of cutting yourself in that delicate area.

Most of these creams have a very unpleasant, chemical aroma. They can also sting your skin. Allergic reactions aren't uncommon so be sure to test out any product on your wrist first. And read the instructions carefully. Avoid getting any cream on the inner labia or vulva to avoid burning. Ouch! And again, some women will have stubborn hairs that are resistant to these creams, not producing the smooth results you're looking for.


Using a sharp razor or an electric shaver, shave off some or all of the hairs that grow over and around bikini line.

It's cheap, easy and you can do it to yourself anytime, anywhere.

Shaving requires keeping it up - if you don't shave off the hairs regularly, you can expect to have that dreaded itch from the stubble of regrowth. Also, some women won't get the clean, stubble-free look they want with this method.

Use your regular conditioner on these hairs and you may find they come off more easily. Once you find a regular pattern, you won't feel itchy or uncomfortable. And if you find it appealing, you can use scissors to make pretty patterns for your pubic hairlines, such as a heart shape or a plain strip.


This is usually done at a salon. To start, you lay on a table wearing your underwear (you can leave your top on). Hot wax is applied to the bikini line (and upper legs) with a flat wooden tongue depressor against the hairy skin. Then a strip of linen is layered on top and pressed down against the wax. Once it's adhered to the hairs, the practitioner rips the whole thing away in one quick motion.

This is an efficient and easy method for hair removal. Most women get great results: Smooth skin, usually appearing as though you've never had hair there at all. (Note: This one is best done by a pro. It's hard to get at those angles on your own, plus it's not easy to put yourself through that much pain. Be sure to use your head when choosing a salon. Is it clean? Do you know someone else who went there and was satisfied?)

It smarts! Having someone zip a cloth full of hot sticky stuff across your flesh - yanking out your hairs - does have some pain associated with it. And doing this yourself is messy to the max unless you're very skilled. It's also more expensive than shaving or creams. Regular maintenance usually requires a visit every month or two but even occasional trips will be an added cost to your budget. Some women will experience small red bumps.

Brazilian Bikini.

This method goes way beyond the bikini line - hair is removed from the entire pubic ares and also tackles the inner thighs and butt (yes, most women have some hair there).

This is the Mercedes Benz of waxing. Always have a pro do it for you. You get to feel like a sexy temple Goddess when you're done and all you see is bared flesh inside and out.

It's pricey and it can be quite painful. Plus, the procedure is pretty invasive, so you need to be very comfortable with yourself. Most salons will require you to remove your underwear completely and in order to get at every possible angle, your practitioner will be moving your legs around and touching you in some very intimate places. But, once you find someone you trust, the procedure becomes second nature. (Well, as much as any trip to the gynecologist or dentist does). Again, maintenance costs are high.

Electrical or Laser Treatments.

These treatments are always performed by a licensed clinician or doctor. Electrolysis removes unwanted hairs with an electric needle that probes into single hairs (one at a time), conducting an electrical current that kills the root and prevents regrowth. Laser hair removal uses the pulsation of a laser light to kill hair growth when applied to small areas (about the size of a quarter) around unwanted hairs.

The aim is for permanent hair removal. If you can't stand those hairs, just kill them for good.

These are expensive procedures. Electrolysis usually requires many visits before all hairs are gone for good. Over time, the cost can add up. It's also very painful.

Pubic Hairstyles

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