Autumn Hair Loss

Have you ever asked yourself the question, why not just in autumn hair looks bad, but also increased hair loss?

The reason is that in summer, we were subjected to sunshine. Our body is projected so that the sun's rays cause a rush of male hormones.

In the summer, you can feel a rush of sexual energy - raging testosterone. Along with this, the hair under the onslaught of androgens. Not immediately, but in 3 - 4 months, it starts to decrease.

Thyroid problems can also lead to hair loss, but it does not get thin hair - new growing rapidly. In this case, consultation with an endocrinologist is necessary in order to prescribe hormone therapy.

After an illness - Clutch, hepatitis, and fever - take precautions and loss of body hair. In this case, the most likely hair which will regenerate itself after 3 months.

The most widespread reason that causes hair loss is stress. Autumn depression is very dangerous for the hair. But in this case, one needs help from a psychologist, and as long as he / she will not rest - Do not stop the hair loss.

Some medications that are prescribed for heart disease and high blood pressure can cause hair loss as well. And some contraceptives visibly damaged hair condition. In this case, you must find a harmless analog or accept the idea that health is more important.

One is already very thin and fast for about two months lost 10 % of its weight, it is inevitable that problems will occur more hair. Adipose tissue produces an enormous amount of female hormones and hair will reflect the changes in this balance. Except for this, losing body fat, the body loses a lot of vitamins and minerals as well, which is necessary for healthy hair. That is why, the weight should be lost slowly under control dietitian, and then do not affect food limitation hair. Another secret: diet should be low in protein, and 95% of the hair is made of keratin .

By the way : hats, dying and perming hair , hairstyles made by hot air , washing hair too much hair loss is not affected , they just make the hair worse status.

Autumn Hair Loss   Autumn Hair Loss   Autumn Hair Loss  Autumn Hair Loss

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