Get long, cascading curls with high shine. First, wash and deep condition so you get a healthy, glossy shine. Dry hair with a round brush. Then use a large curling iron and, alternating two-inch sections, roll hair around the barrel in one direction and then again in the other direction to create a ripple effect. Once you're done, spritz everything with an aerosol shine spray.

For a modern-looking bob, keep hair well-moisturized and massage your scalp gently even when you don't wash your hair. Place small sections of hair into large rollers and sit under a drying hood. When your hair is nearly dry, remove the rollers and blow-dry on a very low heat. Flat iron your bangs for the finishing touch.

For sexy waves, use a gloss-enhancing shampoo and conditioner. Then blow-dry hair straight as you would normally. With the front/face-framing bits, hold the ends around the barrel of the round brush as you dry, so you get a strong wave at the bottom. If you need an additional curl to the ends once hair is completely dry, get a large curling iron to create a more dramatic swoop.

Rocker waves are easy if you use the right combination of products. First, work some dry shampoo through your hair, you'll get volume and soak up any greasiness. Then, use a little texture balm, warm it up in your palms and really work the product into your strands. Too much will actually weigh your style down so less is definitely more here. Flip hair upside-down and scrunch hair using a sprits of spray gel. You don't want loads of frizz to take your look from sexy to sloppy.

Deep-condition hair at least once a week and stick to minimal shampooing. If your scalp or skin is oily, use a gentle shampoo just on your roots and leave your ends out of it. Use a wide-tooth comb to detangle hair while still in the shower. Cocktail some leave-in conditioner and anti-frizz and run through wet hair. Allow it to air-dry so you get smooth, well-behaved curls.

Really long hair looks beautiful when it's smooth, shiny and healthy. Always use a shampoo and conditioner specially formulated for long styles. For maximum growth, strengthen your ends with a leave-in conditioner. To eliminate frizz, squeeze a quarter-sized amount of smoothing cream into one hand and warm it between your palms. Smooth it evenly over your hair - an inch from your roots down to the tips.

Preserve your color with a gentle shampoo that's sulfate-free — harsh detergents are a color killer.
Dry hair with a round brush-use a big dollop of smoothing styling crиme to tame frizzies. Flat-iron bangs so they fall off to the side and stay that way.

Deep condition hair three times a week with a super rich conditioner to flight frizz and breakage.
Try a leave in conditioner and a strong hold gel for the perfect mix of control and conditioning. Try not to play with your hair as it dries, the more you touch it the frizzier and less chic it will look.
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Start with a shine-boosting shampoo so hair looks glossy.

Blow-dry hair straight, concentrating mostly on the roots to mid-shaft.
Use large hot rollers on your ends, leaving them in for two to three minutes for the slightest wave.
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